Lapbooking Made Simple - eBook

Lapbooking Made Simple - eBook

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Lapbooking is a simple concept with a somewhat confusing name. Do you remember the science fair boards you did when you were in school? Lapbooks are like a mini-version of those. They are small enough to fit on your lap. Take a moment and think about topics which interest your child. Chances are good that those interests are a GREAT place to start lapbooking! It’s amazing how much children can do when they make a lapbook. This is because lapbooks help solidify a concept using a tactile or kinesthetic approach to learning. They bring out creativity in students and give parents new ways to teach a subject.

Lapbooking Made Simple explains what lapbooking is, subjects and resources to make them on, how to make them, and provides printable templates to get you and your students off to a successful start.

This is a digital book in pdf format.

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