Esther, Uncommon Courage - Workshop Recording

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In stressful situations, can you prayerfully wait for God's direction and timing? Today we are surrounded by a culture that is opposed to the principles of God's word. It's easy to succumb to fear: "What if I miss something?" "I know I'm supposed to home school... but WHAT IF I ruin my child?" "How can I teach all my children?" "What will my own parents say?" "What about socialization?" Homeschool moms grapple with these and many other fear-based questions, especially during the first years of homeschooling. But God says that as we trust in Him, HE directs our path, and He gives strength to the weary, wisdom when we ask for it, joy in times of stress and peace in times of fear.

Esther faced what seemed like an impossible circumstance, too. It is impossible to guess what might have happened to the Hebrew nation had there been no Esther. Except for her, Jerusalem might never have been rebuilt, and there might have been a different story to tell all future ages. This beautiful Jewish girl of long ago, though she herself may not have known it, played her part in paving the way for the coming of the Savior.

And just as Esther has a part to play, so you have an important role in shaping the hearts and minds of a future generation. Come and be encouraged as Heidi reminds you about what is most important during the homeschool years: following the Lord wherever He leads - and modeling that faith for your children. Because where God guides - he also provides. Peace in times of fear.