The Books of Moses Part 1 Study Guide

The Books of Moses Part 1 Study Guide

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The Firmly Planted Family Study Guide has been divided into a ten-week study and is your key to making sense of the Bible—even if you're learning right along with your children. Each lesson provides a core idea, a simple narrative, memory verses and discussion questions for children of all ages.

Lessons included: 

God Creates the Universe (Genesis 1:1-25)

God Creates Humans (Genesis 1:26-31)

The Fall (Genesis 3:1-7, 21)

Noah and the Flood (Genesis 6:5-22)

The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11:1-9)

The Call of Abram (Genesis 12:1-7)

Isaac on the Altar (Genesis 22:1-19)

Jacob, Rachael and Leah (Genesis 29)

God Wrestles with Jacob (Genesis 32:22-32)

The Twelve Sons of Jacob (Genesis 35:22b-26)